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Wow, how many nuclear apocalypse films have you made? (answer: alot) And how many of them are just slideshows of 3D models with minimal animation? (answer: all of them)

Fisrt, the use of a blank faced 3D model just turns this film into an emotional vacuum. He mourns the loss of his wife...by staring blankly. He mourns the loss of the world...by staring blankly. He mourns the fact that he can't emote...by staring blankly.

The backround graphics were great, but I'm not sure how much credit i can give you, not knowing whether you modelled them all or not.

Just try to move away from the nukapocolypse theme and expand your animation.


Allow me to ellaborate:
Graphics: Admittedly stolen images (reverse-converting stolen .swf files)
Style: Sapped the style out of the original flashes
Sound: Mediocre sound effects with music from madness
Violence: it was there
Interactivity: Minimal, no preloader
Humor: It made me a bit pissed, so maybe im biased

And for everyone else out there, I dont mind if you make a tribute to Lemmings at all, I just thought this one was terrible. And I wouldn't mind if you linked to both me and Krinkels as the original creators.

P.S. Everyone go watch my Lemmings: Deus Ex Machina, off of which this is based.


Good writing, voice acting was alright, but seriously, invest in a better mic. It detracts from the parts that are actually funny.

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I am not a crook!

I got 777 in Time attack, and it said over 700 is impossible so I must be a cheater. Man, if only the high scores worked, I'd be a hero


How could you make this for a class? The only coding is the onPress(startDrag) and onRelease(stopDrag) commands. There are two frames of animation, and some drawings. I don't know about you, but I've never, ever had the urge to dress Donald Duck in different outfits. Blammed

Muffinator responds:

Doesn't look blammed to me.

And it is for an application to prove the fact that I am artistic and know how to mildly use flash. It's not as though I'm applying for an emmy award. ^-^


...eye candy. Not enough to be anything really.

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Maybe the freshest track ive heard

I love the clicking intro, then to ambient metal sounds, then to the all out crazy metal beat. I'm considering using this in Lemmings 2 (if you haven't watched my Lemmings: Deus Ex Machina watch it with this link: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/230873)
i was wonder what the voice says at the start (i can pick out "blood on my fists)


i like the creepy contrast between the happy carnival music and the more industrial/heavy stuff. I dont think this is heavy metal though. I'd say its more of a heavy industrial maybe. It just doesn't have the metal kick.

(maybe im bias, i'm a metalhead)

Chronamut responds:

ya i guess its not really heavy metal - but i dont think its industrial either - not grungy and dirty enuff - so it doesnt really fit in a genre.

thanks for the review!



this music file is great! do i need ur permision to use it in a flash movie? becuz im plannin to

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